Our History

Amanda Care Products Limited is a private limited liability company incorporated in Nigeria on January, 2017 with its head office located in Ezi-Ogbaku Onitsha/Owerri road, Mbiatoli, Imo State Nigeria.

Our operations include production of high quality household consumer goods such as: Tissue Paper, Diaper, Nylon, Soap, Facial Tissues and other consumer goods.

About Us

At Amandacare ®, we specialize in comfort and trust. As a privately owned family business, we provide comfort in everything we do, from our products to our relationships. We build trust as we extend to our customers and vendors the same courtesy, flexibility and punctuality that we would to our own family. We put quality in everything that we do, because we use the same products you buy. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to your needs because those needs are also ours. We maintain a commitment to innovation and excellence because we foster a culture of entrepreneurship and constant improvement. And we’re easy to work with because we care about our relationships.

Welcome to the Amandacare family. 

Our operations include a manufacturing facility with fully integrated deinking, towel, tissue, napkin and facial production and converting capabilities, as well as separate storage facilities for housing finished goods and parent rolls.

Vision Statement

To become the first choice consumer goods destination and a hub for production and distribution of best quality consumer products.


Mission Statement

  •    ● To achieve our vision through production of high quality goods, with competitive pricing and outstanding customer service delivery.
  •    ● Provide innovative, high-quality products and superior customer service at a competitive price
  •    ● Provide employees a safe and respectful work environment that encourages personal accountability and development
  •    ● Strive for the highest quality results while adhering to the highest ethical standards
  •    ● Employ the highest standards of environmental stewardship and sustainable practices
  •    ● Engage and contribute to the economic and social development of our communities

Core Value

Our core value stimulates us to achieve our mission statement. They are rooted in the company’s corporate policy, commitment & code of Conducts.

Safety & Integrity: There is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of our employees. We treat all people with dignity and respect. We view ourselves as environmental stewards and consistently look to improve our footprint.

Discipline:  We are committed to good ethical practices; we have laid down disciplinary policy aimed at protecting our staff, customers and community where we operate. Our team command good ethical conduct in our operations. Good customer experience is our utmost priority.

Efficiency:  We are committed to putting our resources to best use. We deliver as agreed. We value time most and hence deliver our products to our customers within the shortest time frame beyond customer’s expectation.

Quality:   We are 100% committed to producing to quality consumer goods that offer competitive pricing, superior value experience and customers satisfaction. We have experienced team, with blend of expertise in Nigeria, USA and China. We have culture of continuous process improvement, efficiency, consistency and reliability hence; we ensure timely delivery of our goods to our numerous customers

Competitive Pricing:  Our products are of high standard and cost effective, designed and priced from customer’s perspective without our well-equipped production department and experts personnel, we provide a price that is comparatively low and offer Discounts.

We invite you to feel the different and experience our company’s commitment and low pricing without compromising standard;

Good customer experience is at the core of who we are.

Customer Focus:  In Amandacare, we have the culture of “care”, we have an efficient and consistent customer care system, our dedicated support team is available to assist you 24×7.


Business Hours

Monday – Friday   8am – 5pm

Saturday  – 8am – 2pm

Sunday  – Closed

(Customer care line open 24hrs)


Safety:   In our overall operations, we committed to improving the health, safety and environment (HSE) of our staff, customers and environment where we operate. We consider safety first,

We are 100% environmental friendly, we are committed in the development of the community where we operate as part of our corporate social responsibility.


Our Tissue paper is of high quality and affordable. 100% recycled, we have great advantage in talent and technology with international standard and good scientific management system. They are produced by experts with good qualities as this: Embossment, easily detachable and sewage convenience. The flexibility meets your exacts needs in terms of size, count, grade and packaging


Our Marketing unit is organized, efficient, precise and carry out our sales beyond customer’s expectation. We ensure that your delivery is made before or on agreed date.

  • For our Tissue paper, we offer private labeling as well as customized products.
  • Our market is very large to accommodate numerous customers.
  • We deliver goods to our distributors, wholesalers, Retailers, Hotels, Hospital, Schools etc.
  • We have various sizes of Tissue paper:  Economy size, Family Size, Jumbo Size and Hotel size/customized size according to customer’s specification.
  • We invite you to do business with us. Book your order today, Call our customer call hotlines.