Got a question? You’re not the only one! See how we’ve answered the most common Amandacare® questions.

Where can I find Amandacare coupons?

Amandacare coupons are obtain from coupon book of any of our Distributors and provides valuable savings on Amandacare products. Amandacare coupons can also be found on Our website –! Also, be sure to visit our Promotions page and “like” us on & Instagram @amandacareproducts to find out more.

Who is the management team at Amandacare Paper Company?

Amandacare Paper Company is led by experienced leaders and industry veterans, with expertise in the tissue and recycled fiber-based business. Each member has held several executive management positions in the past with some of the industry’s largest and most recognized companies, bringing a wealth of experience and proven success to Amandacare

How can I be a Distributor?

Due to increased demand in our products, Amandacare welcomes intending distributors, Call 09021312923 to speak to our sales manager or Fill the contact form on the website.

Does Amandacare Ultra Strong, Ultra Soft, or Essentials Strong contain any inks, dyes, or perfumes?


How Do I Request a Toilet Paper Roll Extender?

To receive your free toilet paper roll holder extender, click the request now button on our Amandacare Guarantees page. The extended toilet paper roll holder adds more room to the roll holder, allowing you to comfortably fit all your favorite Amandacare roll sizes.

Where can I get answers to other questions about Amandacare?

Just visit the Contact Us ( page to ask questions or share comments. To speak to us, call our customer care line 09021312923   Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., GMT.

Does Amandacare Tissues come in 2-Ply?

Amandacare Tissue comes in 1-Ply and 2-Ply